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According to Wikipedia:
Chamonix New Generation Cars please read: 
Type Privately Held;
Industry Automobile industry
Foundation 1987 (31 years)
Brazil Headquarters Jarinú, Brazil
Automotive Products
Predecessor (s) Envemo Cars
Chamonix New Generation Cars (known until around 2011 as Chamonix Industry and Commerce) is a Brazilian automobile factory out of series with the authorization of the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The factories are located in Jarinu (SP) and Duque de Caxias (RJ).
Originally from the 1980s, Envemo produced excellent replicas of the Super 90 Coupe model. In 1987, Chamonix began manufacturing replicas of the original open body Porsche 356 with the participation of Mr. Milton Masteguin, who was a founding partner of the extinct Puma Automobile, and Mr. Chuck Beck, aviation technician, car designer and currently a brand representative in the United States. Newton, son of Mr. Milton, worked in the factory of the Puma, at the moment is a member of Chamonix and director responsible for the homemade manufacture of a replica of Porsche. 
Porsche 550 Spyder has a replica manufactured by Chamonix.
Manufacturing is only on order, a model can take 120 days to complete. The replicas use in their body the fiberglass with innovations brought from the aeronautical industry, a project of Chuck Beck. In addition to serving the national public, the brand exports to the Middle East, Europe, Japan and the United States. The success is due to the high quality and low price of the brand replicas in the international market.
1 - We don't think there is kind o promoted innovation if it is a real REPLICA, meaning in accordance with a dictionary: DUPLICATING. You cannot innovate on Professor Ferdinand Porsche Spider 550, Speedster or 356 A or C.
2 - It is highly disputable and this can be at exhaustion confirmed by in numerous articles about the collision of Trade Mark with Internet Domain.
3 - Chuck Beck is an American ICON about reproducing innovative and modified above described Porsche models and we are to be very grateful for his contribution to this art market.
4 - But he is not alone and there should be room for other people as well as Chamonix, the Swiss Alps dreamed city/village to reproduce authentic above describe Porsche replicas.
5 - If a transformation is a subject then maybe a transformation should be considered looking to this prototyping transformation made on top of a replica Spider 550 Chamonix product by our friend Milton Masteguin at Chamonix in agreement with Francisco Lameirão, twice Brazilian champion on Polar racing Super Ve of my production and test driver, Ricardo Bock mechanical engineer and senior professor at FASP-Faculdade de Engenharia do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil, Marcos Lameirão mechanical engineer presently chief engineer of aerodynamics at force India Formula One and myself as advisor.
Ricardo Achcar
(Two produced, one to be sold to any interested about ...replica transformation. Audi 4 cylinders 285 HP. 
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